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Northwest Communications

The communication center is staffed 24/7, with a minimum of two highly trained State of Connecticut Certified Telecommunicators experienced in public safety. 

Currently, Northwest CT Public Safety is serving as a primary E-9-1-1 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the towns of Beacon Falls, Bethlehem, Oxford, Prospect, Roxbury and Woodbury and the secondary E-9-1-1 PSAP for Middlebury, the Borough of Naugatuck, and Seymour.

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A national Public Service Announcement (PSA)premiered yesterday  urging motorists to “slow down and move over

Please take a moment and watch it.

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News Headlines

Mon. Mar 10th 2014
Cornbeef and Cabbage Dinner..........

We are pleased to announce our second annual St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner, Sunday, March 16, 2014 t...

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Fri. Feb 14th 2014
No Bingo Tonight

Due to the possible icy conditions this evening we have decided to cancel Bingo this evening.  Also, many of our workers...

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Mon. Feb 3rd 2014
$5M bond for Ohio suspect in 2 firefighter deaths

By JOHN SEEWERTOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A judge set bond at $5 million on Monday for an apartment building owner accused of s...

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Welcome to the official web site of Michael Wilbur's Emergency Vehicle Response. Emergency Vehicle Response was born out o...

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Roxbury FD requests Woodbury FD
Mon. Jan 13th 2014
This morning WVFD was requested to respond to smoke in a home on Baker Road in Roxbury.  Tanker 9 and Engine 5 responded but were returned prior to them arriving on scene....

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Possible leg injury - WFVD assist WAA
Mon. Jan 13th 2014
The WVFD was requested to respond to Woodbury Ski Area for a incident on the tubing hill.  A youth had a possible injury to his leg and was on the slope between lanes.  The WVFD responded and stabilized the youth from further sliding down the hill any further and creating any additional in...

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Possible Electrical Fire
Thu. Jan 9th 2014
The WVFD was dispatched to a smell of electrical burning at 346 Main Street South around 3:20pm.  Car 2 arrived and assumed command.  He reported nothing showing but would give an updated.  Additional units arrived on scene and were requested to use thermal camera on interior walls an...

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Assistance Call
Thu. Jan 9th 2014
The WVFD responded to a request for assistance gaining access for a good and welfare check.  Chief Morgan responded and meet with Sgt. Roden and WAA personnel .  They found the person requesting access was at the wrong address and hence the keys would not work.  Once the party was tak...

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Investigation of odor
Wed. Jan 8th 2014
WVFD was called to a strong odor of fuel oil in a home on Good Hill.  Car 5, Lt. Murphy was the OIC for the evening and responded.  Upon arrival he found a slight odor of fuel oil but could see know cause for it.  The first due engine metered the home and found no CO readings.  T...

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Residential Alarm Activation
Fri. Aug 16th 2013
Woodbury Volunteer firefighters were dispatched to a residential fire alarm sounding at approximately 6:45 this morning.  Prior to the OIC arriving on scene an update was given that it was set off in error.  Car 7, Lt. Gengenbach, the OIC of the night held all responders in quarters and co...

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Woodbury in Roxbury for brush fire
Wed. May 1st 2013
Late this afternoon Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department, along with many other departments, responded to Roxbury Fire Departments call for assistance at a large brush fire.  The brush fire is still burning at this hour and they are all trying to get a ahead of it.  Operations sound like the...

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Hurds Hill Road - Residiential Alarm Sounding
Mon. Apr 29th 2013
The WVFD responded to a residential alarm sounding this morning.  Car 1 found a workmen on scene whom had just restarted an oil burner that had failed to ignite on it's own.  The workmen was burning off the excess oil in the burner when it set the smoke detectors off.  The home al...

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WVFD goes to Watertown on Mutual Aid
Mon. Apr 29th 2013
The WVFD was called to standby in Watertown's Fire Headquarters late Saturday afternoon.  Watertown had several of their engines in Waterbury at multiple calls and Woodbury's Engine 5 would have been the first due out in Watertwon if they got a call. Luckily it was a quite afternoon and...

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WVFD assist WAA
Mon. Apr 29th 2013
At approximately 11:30 am the WVFD was called to assist the Woodbury Ambulance Association in removing a youth from Orenaug Park near the Senior Community Center.  The youth, who was from Danbury, was on a hike with his school last when he fell and cut his knee.  The WVFD carried the youth...

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FF ~ Driving Mantra

-STOP at Red Lights- Proceed When Clear.

-STOP at Stop Signs- Proceed When Clear.

-SLOW Down- So You GET There.

-Belt Up- Avoid Ejection.


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Recent Calls

Mon. Jan 13th 2014
Roxbury FD requests Woodbury FD

This morning WVFD was requested to respond to smoke in a home on Baker Road in Roxbury.  Tanker 9 and Engine 5 responded...

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Mon. Jan 13th 2014
Possible leg injury - WFVD assist WAA

The WVFD was requested to respond to Woodbury Ski Area for a incident on the tubing hill.  A youth had a possible injury...

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Thu. Jan 9th 2014
Possible Electrical Fire

The WVFD was dispatched to a smell of electrical burning at 346 Main Street South around 3:20pm.  Car 2 arrived and assu...

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